Automatic vehicle price tacking

To make full use of Motorwatch's tracking capabilities you'll need to install our Motorwatch Vehicle Price Tracker Chrome extension

After you've performed a search and received back the results on one the sites we currently track vehicles on, we will begin to track each one of the vehicles based on your search criteria.

Once that vehicle is in our database then its in there for the entire community to track and the same goes for any other vehicle search performed by others with the Motorwath Chrome extension installed.

Lets give an example using AutoTrader:

User One search criteria:

Scenario One search results

User Two search criteria:

Scenario Two search results

As you can see we have two separate search criteras nearly a month apart, the highlighted Range Rover has been tracked previously by appearing in User One's search allowing User Two to spot any price drops in that time, see how long its roughly been for sale giving them a better barginning advantage.

With the extension, the more people have it installed and perform searches across the sites, the better price tracking we perform for the community to you money